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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freight Train Boulders

Matt and I today decided to check out some new rocks. It is always nice to take a break from the same old and see something new. The freight train boulders are a small cliff band with nice flat landings and good rock to climb on.
One of the problems we got on is called Chubby Bunny, it is a stout little problem with a crux revolving around throwing off a decent pinch and a bad sidepull to a good edge. It was a nice feeling to finally snag that edge and top it out.
Matt managed to snag an end of the day send of Tall Face, it is a highball and if you were to fall from the top, the tree would be there to give you a nice ride back down.
Most of the problems on this boulder are stout and sandbagged. If you can leave your ego at the car this is a great place to go and get on some of the better problems in Colorado.
Problems worth paying attention to: Chubby Bunny, Buddha Belly, Tall Face and the unnamed V5 on the far left side.
Here is a link to a guide for the area: Guide
Will have some pictures up tomorrow from the days action.

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